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Heighten Consciousness of Self. Build Self-Esteem.Be Happier Coupon
Personal Development

[92% Off] Heighten Consciousness of Self. Build Self-Esteem.Be Happier Course Coupon

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Care of Self (care for the Carer!). Allow yourself to "Let-it-go". Live an Empowered, Purpose-Driven Life (to the full)

5.0 hr
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The SETSA(Self-Empowerment through Self-Awareness)  program encourages Participants to introspect i.e. to take stock of 'where they are’ in their lives, identifying as far as possible how they got there, be it due to past underlying issues, wavering relationships and/or experiences of grief but to also

-accept and acknowledge how they got there

-look ahead instead of using the review mirror to the past

-consider their purpose in life,

-look at their desired values and beliefs that they now wish to live by define measurable and sustainable goals that they will adhere to take responsibility

-INVEST IN THEMSELVES by realising that it’s their lives, their time and about their (conscious) choices in order moving forward positively.

The program is NOT about providing more information, more knowledge or intellectual stimulation but rather one of searching within to find either one or two aspects that could really help one to take that step towards making a change in ones’ life. It’s an experiential process (and not a "quick-fix")

There's no compulsion and no need to accept or remember all the topics in the material provided. There’s no formal ‘testing'.

As facilitators of change we have no interest in testing one’s intelligence, one’s memory, recall or even net worth. The focus is simply on defining and applying per the principle:
“Learning = Behaviour change”


Aristotle once said that "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom".

Being self-aware is about knowing yourself. That is being aware of every given moment is the essence of being alive, being 'present' in one's own life, and by taking charge rather than being constantly stuck in the past or fearful of the future.

Being aware of one's feelings, of one’s emotions is the first step to taking charge and 'control' in making conscious decisions as opposed to having life pass you by, living in a daze, being on 'auto pilot' or even reacting blindly.

The old habits of reacting defensively and retaliating without thinking, without assessing the situation leads to the turmoil and pain.

To be grateful for another day of opportunity, to make better choices, ultimately leads to a better quality of life


"People who empower themselves don’t see the world as the source of their problems" (Jayrenan)

At the core of every being is the deep need to belong, to be accepted and connected with the ability to contribute. When one feels ‘less’ or over-extended, the zest for living fully, slowly diminishes.

Through the SETSA program we encourage individuals to "pause" and take stock of where they are and what they believe they need to do to fulfil their potential, however they define it; to acknowledge where they want to be. In so doing, we encourage individuals to deal with unresolved past issues, emotions (current and past) and current and past relationships, no matter how difficult or painful it may be. Recognise what you truly want for yourself, empower yourself to achieve accordingly.

We aim to create an understanding of the false notions of freedom and happiness through materiality. We seek to help participants define the foundational pillars for their lives and define ultimately their life’s purpose, all with the intention in assisting to free people from the burdens of the past, to recognise and value their worth and gifts and feel truly empowered to live life their best life, God Willing.


Here is a list of the topics covered in SETSA

1. Introduction. What is Self-Empowerment, Self-Awareness?

2. Knowledge / Wisdom/ Learning

3. Thoughts/Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT)

4. Trust/Confidentiality/Respect/ Contract

5. Maslows Hierarchy / My Purpose

6. Joharis Window / My Transparency

7. Personality and Character

8. Feelings. Sympathy and Empathy

9. My Life Now / Personal Timeline

10. Recap/Review

11. Time

12. Prejudice and Labels

13. Role Models and Legacy

14. Values and Beliefs

15. Relationships Parts A and B (Love / Partner)

16. Heart versus Head

17. Ego versus Soul

18. Emotions

19. Grief (Part A)

20. Grief (Part B) – Personal Story

21. Emotional Intelligence

22. Power

23. Recap/Review

24. Communication

25. Anger (management)

26. Conflict management

27. Generation Gap  (and Narcissism)

28. My “Struggle”

29. Freedom

30. Happiness

31. (a) Self Esteem (b) Self Discipline

32. Goals and Risks

33. Wrap up

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