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Health Safety and Environment Essentials - HSE Level 1 Coupon
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[25% Off] Health Safety and Environment Essentials - HSE Level 1 Course Coupon

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All you need to know as a newbie to Health Safety and Environment Management

1.5 hr
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This course treats the fundamental principles of health and safety in the workplace. It examines the 8 principles of the safe workplace and introduces participants to the philosophy of health and safety at the workplace.

The course introduces participants to key terms and definitions of HSE and it discussed the process of identifying hazards, carrying out risk assessment and controlling risks using the hierarchy of controls approach.

Participants to the course will also gain a knowledge of HSE roles and responsibilities int he workplace and subsisting HSE regulations that one needs to be aware of at work.

Participants will;

  • Be introduced to the fundamental principles of HSE

  • Understand the importance of health, safety and welfare standards in the workplace.

  • Learn the common terminologies in HSE – Hazards, Risks, Near Misses, Incidents, etc

  • Know how hazards and risks are controlled in the workplace.

  • Understand how hazards and risks contribute to workplace risks, understand correct work procedures and understand control methods

  • Be introduced to the concept of risk assessment and the hierarchy of controls approach

  • They will understand causes of injuries and ill health, outline reasons why accidents occur, also effects of accidents and how to report accidents and near misses

  • Learn about HSE Regulations in the workplace

  • Learn the roles and responsibilities for HSE in the workplace

  • Course includes quizzes to reinforce course learning.

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