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Graphic Design for Marketing - Brand Marketing Campaigns Coupon

[57% Off] Graphic Design for Marketing - Brand Marketing Campaigns Course Coupon

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Up your Graphic Design skills: Learn Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Emailers, Landing Pages and Marketing campaign.

3.0 hr
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Learn the Graphic Design for Marketing in this course, are you ready to level up your design skills

Graphic design for marketing course which will be immensely helpful for anyone with or without a marketing background. In this course you’ll learn Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Emailers, Landing Pages and more.

This is a practical design course meant to teach you techniques and skills by producing real world projects.

We will first talk about the designer's role in marketing and the types of digital marketing and dive deep into creating marketing creatives. We then will talk about social media marketing and how to make creatives for Instagram feed, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We quickly get into real world projects by tackling a LinkedIn feed ad for Apple that is both dynamic and helps us practice working with typography, headlines and effects in Adobe Photoshop.

This course includes a fairly large branding and marketing section.

We then move on to creating Google display ads for brands like Nike, Tesla and more. New to this course is an email marketing campaigns, you can use email marketing to inform contacts, drive sales and build a community around your brand like with a newsletter.

You have found the right course to begin your graphic design career and It doesn't matter if you have no experience at all or you are already a working professional, this course was designed to teach you all about creating social media creatives, Google display ads, landing page design and how to run a marketing campaign in the most effective means necessary.

With over 8.5+ hours of video with live projects, this course is JAM PACKED with information to help you learn all about graphic design for marketing.

The videos build on one another so that as you work through this course, you will understand more and more! It doesn't matter if it's landing page design, web design, social media, emailers, advertising, product design, marketing and designing a portfolio. This course will cover ideas that can be used in any niche!

Each section goes into specific detail of all the social media creatives, Google display ads, landing page design, live projects so that you get in-depth knowledge about it.

We designed this course to be gentle enough for new comers to design but detailed enough for every working professionals and freelancers to get a TON out of this course.

Skills you'll gain from this course:

  • Social media creatives for marketing

  • Design a clutter free landing page that leads the user to conversion goal.

  • Google display ads

  • How to run marketing campaigns

  • Use the blend tool to create typographic compositions.

  • Make responsive design for both desktop and mobile.

  • Create compelling promotional emails for email marketing.

So what are you waiting for?!

The time is now to stop procrastinating and begin learning so that you can take full advantage of everything that it has to offer!

Enroll now in this course and get started!

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