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Got Hip Pain? Do This Now! No Surgery Required! Coupon
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[75% Off] Got Hip Pain? Do This Now! No Surgery Required! Course Coupon

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Duration: 6.0 hours

Learn to overcome chronic hip pain and hip impingement without the need of surgery!

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Tired of being sore, stiff, or major discomfort for so many months or years of hip pain without any success from the people you trusted? You tried everything and nothing worked or you have had sugery recently, thinking it made you better? Whatever the case maybe, this course has something to offer for everyone where you might not expect!

Get your life back with this in-depth, non-conventional, do-it-yourself online chronic hip and impingement program in the internet! designed by people who have endured agony with hip pain just like you! You will also uncover the true story of hip pain along the way!

In this course you will learn;

  • To recognize your functional limitations so you can focus on the right muscles.

  • To re-establish the ability to rotate your hip joint. Through Flexibility and Mobility techniques.

  • To self massage/soft tissue work with a variety of muscle releasing and trigger points tools.

  • To Stretch in unique ways through muscle contractions / release methods, and introducing some advanced stretching techniques along the way.

  • To re-activate the right muscle groups after many years of non-continuous activity due to injury or muscles that have been flatten by years of sitting in chairs.

  • To uncover the Unseen Story of Hip pain!

This course is the result of years of trail and error and plenty of research into academic and medical literature. And I'm happy to say that it is helping people all over the place. This is also for people who had surgery or not and looking for an alternative solution to Physiotherapy.

Do not worry. There is hope.

We’ve been in your situation.

So what are you waiting for, Fix your hips now!

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