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Google Cloud Digital Leader Practice Exam (NEW 2023) Coupon
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[25% Off] Google Cloud Digital Leader Practice Exam (NEW 2023) Course Coupon

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Practice Tests for Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification, 100% exam coverage, explanations, +400 Q&A

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Prepare and pass your Google Cloud Digital Leader certification. Practice tests with detailed explanations and mock exams.

The Cloud Digital Leader certification is an important entry-level certification that is relevant for technologists, professionals in sales and pre-sales, project managers, and others in any role whose business involves Google Cloud. Preparing for and passing this certification not only gives you increased confidence in discussing and using Google Cloud, but also opens career opportunities for you.

A GCP Digital Leader can articulate the capabilities of Google Cloud core products and services and how they benefit organizations. The Cloud Digital Leader can also describe common business use cases and how cloud solutions support an enterprise.

This certification is for anyone who wishes to demonstrate their knowledge of cloud computing basics and how Google Cloud products and services can be used to achieve an organization’s goals.

The mock exams in this course are timed, so you’ll know when you’re taking more time than the official test allows, and at the end of the test you’ll receive a personal breakdown of the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly (Explanation and Reference to official GCP documentation) to improve your knowledge and make you more prepared to pass the actual exam.

The Cloud Digital Leader (CDL) or as it’s also known, the Cloud Digital Leader, like all tests, there is a bit of freedom on Google’s part to exam an array of subjects. That means knowing the majority of Cloud Digital Leader content is required because they test randomly on the many subjects available. Be aware too that experience requirements often exist because they’ve observed the average person and what is required. You can always push past that to succeed with the Cloud Digital Leader but it may take some extra work.

  • The Cloud Digital Leader exam assesses your knowledge in these areas:

  • Digital transformation with Google Cloud (~10% of the exam)

  • Innovating with data and Google Cloud (~30% of the exam)

  • Infrastructure and application modernization (~30% of the exam)

  • Google Cloud security and operations (~30% of the exam)

The content is 100% original and guaranteed to not be from other sources on the web.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • There are no requirements. Only your willingness to learn is needed as this test will cover most of the fundamentals in depth!

Happy learning and best of luck for your Google Cloud Digital Leader exam!

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