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Google Associate Cloud Engineer- Practice Test 2021 july Coupon
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[25% Off] Google Associate Cloud Engineer- Practice Test 2021 july Course Coupon

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Duration: 1.0 hours

New ACE 145+ Questions for Google Associate cloud Engineer-Practice Test 2021 | Score 900+ in ACE certifications Exam

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Go through a well designed Google certified associate cloud engineer certification test series for Associate cloud engineers exam. This series is designed with multi-cloud strategies and aimed at ultimately enhancing the fundamental skills of the applicants’ deploying, monitoring, and maintaining projects on Google Cloud.

Google cloud is termed as a service mage quadrant because of its extensive service offerings. It is a well defined and highly used platform in the current technological era. Therefore this series consists of all the necessary google cloud skills that a developer should be well versed with.

With the benefits of the real life examples, not only does this test series consist of the solid foundations and advanced applications of GCP console, but also provides an in depth insight on its command line.


  • 145+ Test Questions

  • 3 Practice Test Sets

  • Lifetime Access

  • Detailed Explanation of correct and incorrect choice

  • Reply to all queries/doubts at the earliest

Topics covered:-

  1. Set up a cloud solution environment

    • Assigning users to predefined IAM roles within a project

    • Managing users in Cloud Identity

  2. Plan and configure a cloud solution

    • Selecting appropriate compute choices for a given workload

           (e.g., Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions)

    • Planning and configuring data storage options

    • Product choice (e.g., Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable)

  3. Deploy and implement a cloud solution

    • Launching a compute instance using Cloud Console and Cloud SDK (gcloud) (e.g., assign disks, availability policy, SSH keys

    • Configuring a VM for Stackdriver monitoring and logging

  4. Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution

    • Managing a single VM instance

    • Managing Google Kubernetes Engine resources.

    • Managing App Engine and Cloud Run resources

    • Managing storage and database solutions.

    • Managing networking resources.

    • Monitoring and logging.

  5. Configure access and security

    • Managing identity and access management (IAM).

    • Managing service accounts.

What do we offer in our Google cloud associate cloud engineer training test?

  • Questions with the Real life simulated examples for all the applicants.

  • Questions regarding the best practices used for setting up and configuring google cloud accounts.

  • An analytical report at the end of the practice test.

  • Active instructors who are always available for guiding your cause.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals who want to demonstrate their abilities to use the Google Cloud Console, how to configure and manage the google cloud system.

  • Developers who want to testify their learning's in order to utilize the power of Google cloud for the software they build.

  • Professionals who want a hike in their current development positions

  • All IT Students who want to update their skill sets.

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