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Goal Setting For Business Owners, Freelancers And Individual Coupon

[75% Off] Goal Setting For Business Owners, Freelancers And Individual Course Coupon

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Use The Power Of Purpose And Advanced Goal-Setting Tools And Techniques To Build The Life You Want

3.0 hr
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About The Course

This course is for anyone looking to dive deeper into their understanding of success, and learn the tools and techniques they need to create this success in their life through setting goals, and maintaining and reviewing their progress. This can be a new beginning, with new goal-setting and -reviewing habits integrated into their everyday life.

It is part-inspirational, part-practical online course designed to help individuals learn effective goal-setting processes to improve various areas of their lives. It targets individuals wanting to get more out of life, who are looking for an effective system to help them define what they truly want and then assist them in techniques to stay on track.

What Will You Learn On This Course?

During the course, students will complete self-discovery exercises to uncover their purpose and underlying motivations, then they will move through to conducting the goal-setting process, before learning how to maintain and evaluate the process on a long-term basis.

Through a series of short video-based lectures, you will:

  • Learn how to work out if you're in line with your purpose

  • Understand the cognitive advantage of having and knowing your purpose

  • Learn how to define success for yourself

  • Learn how to analyse your energy levels

  • Understand how goal-setting impacts your mind and wellness, as well as your success and outcomes

  • Learn how to define your goals in ways that work, and how to integrate them into your day-to-day life for better chances of success

Who Is The Course For?

While it can benefit professionals at all levels and in all roles, it especially suits:

  • Individuals whose perspective on life, career and success has changed during the pandemic

  • Small business owners and self-employed people who are struggling with sticking to long-term goals and want a successful system they can implement

  • Individuals who lacks purpose and doesn’t know what they want

  • Professionals who wants a career change

  • Students who have achieved a qualification but are re-considering their direction in life

  • Individuals who feels stuck and unable to take practical action

  • Individuals whose priorities are changing

  • Individuals who struggles to take consistent action, change their habits and track their progress

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