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Global Banking Regulations: A Practical Approach Coupon
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[57% Off] Global Banking Regulations: A Practical Approach Course Coupon

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Hands-on-training on Global Banking Regulations & Basel Accords, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and Risk Management

3.0 hr
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Global Banking Regulations: A Practical Approach (In simple Language)

The regulation of banks used to be an important but ambiguous area of law. All of that changed in 2008 with the Global Financial Crisis. Suddenly attention was drawn to the way banks were regulated. In this course, we investigate what bank regulation is and what it seeks to achieve. We look in detail at the nature of bank regulation, its objectives, how they came to existence, and the implications of decisions around regulatory systems. This course aims to provide you with the essential tools to understand the fascinating area of regulations.

Bank regulatory frameworks are a vast integration of provisions that could quickly make learning tedious, but with us, you will be taken through those lengthy topics effortlessly and engagingly. This course provides participants with a comprehensive overview of Basel accords with theory and practical workouts. The course covers current regulations (Basel 1,2 and 3) and the Final version of Basel III (commonly referred to as ‘Basel IV’). Get a deeper understanding of how credit, market, operational and other risks were mitigated in the evolution of the Basel accords. This is a practical course where real-life examples, case studies, and exercises illustrate key learning points and enable participants to apply the concepts delivered throughout the course.

Starting from a brief introduction to Bank Regulation and Basel Committee, we have prepared an explicit sequence of topics covering all versions of the Basel accord- Basel 1, its risk-weighting system, advantages and limitations, practical exercises on capital adequacy, and return on equity. Basel 2 accord its three pillars, limitations of Basel 2, and its techniques to calibrate banks’ capital adequacy with practical exercises. Basel 3 framework its features and sensible workouts, which include methods used by banks to calculate the capital adequacy, return on equity, the liquidity coverage ratio, and the stable funding ratio. Basel 4 framework and the advancement made into it.

This course also covers other bank regulatory frameworks like the Dodd-Frank Act in the US, with all the provisions it offers like the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), Dodd-Frank ACT Stress test (DFAST), the Volcker Rule, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and many more. Then you will go through European Union frameworks like the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), MiFID 2, and MiFIR.

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