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Give The Gift Of Feedback Coupon

[70% Off] Give The Gift Of Feedback Course Coupon

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A Six-Step Model For Providing Effective Feedback Professionally And Personally

3.0 hr
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About The Course

This course covers everything you need to know about feedback, giving you practical tips and tools as well as practice exercises that you can use right away to start getting better results.

Feedback is something that we all know is important, but it is also something that too often we do anything and everything to avoid giving or receiving. Why is this? It's because it can be difficult to get it right, and the risks of getting it wrong are high since we could hurt another person's feelings and/or damage our relationship with them. If you're interested in learning how to overcome these challenges and learn the skills to give feedback, then this course is for you.

By the end of this course, you'll have improved your confidence and skills in giving feedback, and will feel less apprehensive and more comfortable when doing so.

What You Will Learn

Through a series of short video lectures and exercises you will learn:

  • Why feedback is important

  • What holds us back from giving feedback

  • Situations when feedback needs to be given

  • Styles for giving feedback

  • How to prepare to give feedback

  • Tips, tools and techniques to help you give feedback in a much more meaningful and effective way

  • How to view feedback as a gift and not as a punishment

Who Is This Course For?

This course is suitable for employees at all levels of organisations who want to feel more comfortable giving feedback, improve their confidence and learn how to give a gift that is meaningful and will be valued.

It is particularly suited to:

  • Managers and supervisors who want to optimise team or department performance

  • Professionals seeking promotion who want to develop high-level managerial skills

About Your Instructor

Debra Corey is a highly experienced and award-winning HR leader, consultant, instructor, world-class speaker, three-time author, and was named one of the top 101 global employee engagement influencers.

Over the last 20+ years, she's worked for a variety of global companies where she’s developed and delivered HR strategies and programs in a rebellious way, pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo to truly drive employee engagement and support workforces.

Through her mission of paying it forward as Chief Pay it Forward Officer at DebCo HR, she is passionate about teaching courses such as this that will help people be their best and reach their potential. Her approach to teaching through storytelling will surely entertain, inspire and give you the tools you need to do just that.

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