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Getting started in metal detecting Coupon
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[25% Off] Getting started in metal detecting Course Coupon

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How to metal detect, use research, permissions, and identify treasures such as coins and gold, and even side income

1.0 hr
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This course is designed to be a short and sharp introduction into the things you need to know if you want to start metal detecting. From what kit to buy, how to detect, what rules to abide by , and what to do if you find treasure are all in this video.

What kit? reviewing the best starter detectors and associated kit; pin pointers, clothing

How to detect? how to position the detector, how to read the signals, how to swing the detector

What rules? Importance of permission, what you can detect without permission in the UK

Tips for detecting in different settings - woodland, fields, and beaches

What to do if you find treasure - understanding the process

Setting expectation - treasure hunting is fun, but setting the reality of starting detecting. Ensuring that the viewer knows that Youtube videos are only the success parts and dont show the reality of the work behind the video of finding trash first!

By setting out the basics of how to start detecting the aim is to see if metal detecting is the right hobby for you, set you on the right path for starting to find valuable items, and more importantly what to do to make sure the hobby remains enjoyable and legal.

I hope that you enjoy the course, and remember, its not always just about the treasure you find, but the history you hold!

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