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Duration: 11.5 hours

Learn everything about developing production ready Java SpringBoot microservices by building a real world project

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In this course you will learn everything that is needed for you to know for developing Java SpringBoot based microservice project.

Everything that is covered in the course is used in day to day by developers in any project. Here all the concepts and techniques are covered that will make you understand how in companies high quality application are developed and delivered to production by developers.

This course will boost your confidence level to the next level as a Java Springboot microservice developer. After this course you will be easily able to apply any Java SpringBoot based jobs and clear them easily.

After joining the company you will be easily getting started to deliver value in the project as whatever we will cover in this course is being practiced in almost all companies working with Java and Springboot.

Following are the topics that you will learn:

You will how to create Rest API using SpringBoot

You will learn to implement Spring Profiles and manage configuration for different environments

You will learn to implement logging using logback

You will learn about field validation and error handling

You will learn SpringData JPA to write queries on entities

You will learn to implement Swagger Documentation for your API

You will learn to write unit test using Junit and Mockito

You will learn to implement to EhCache for caching data that will help improve the application performance

You will learn to make remote API call by RestTemplate

You will learn to debug your application using intellij

You will learn to fix code quality issues using SonarLint

You will learn all the best practices that should be used to create production ready microservice

You will learn the Git flow strategy for your Dev, Test, Acc, Production environment along with pull request strategy

You will also get the complete source code for all microsevice projects

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