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Writing your Personal Statement

1.0 hr
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In this course, you'll learn to write a Personal Statement that "WOWs" Admissions Officers and maximizes your chance of admission. The Personal Statement is required for admission to most undergraduate, graduate, law, and MBA programs.  You'll learn a proven method of writing your Personal Statement, including:

  • What Admissions Officers are looking for

  • What pitfalls to avoid

  • What traits and qualities Admissions Officers want to see in applicants

  • What types of experiences and accomplishments to write about

  • The blueprint for writing a compelling Personal Statement

  • A logical, clear way to organize your Personal Statement - paragraph by paragraph

  • How to research a college or university - its rankings, programs, and offerings

  • How to decide upon the best topic for your Personal Statement

  • How to write a persuasive, powerful Personal Statement - in less than one hour!

Taught by an Admissions Coach with 4+ years of experience helping students get into top colleges, Master's, Ph.D., J.D., MBA, and LLM programs, this course shares with you all the secrets to writing a Personal Statement which gets noticed by admissions officers.  The instructor of this course is a Harvard-admitted, Yale-admitted, Duke University Merit Scholar with expertise in advising students of all levels to maximize their chance of admission to highly competitive schools. 

My passion is helping students get accepted to the next step - whether it's a college degree, a Master's degree, a J.D., an MBA degree or a doctoral degree. I've helped over 50 applicants successfully get accepted to top schools. When I'm not working with coaching clients, I’m a practicing business lawyer.

I graduated from Duke University with a double major in English (Bachelor of Arts) and Economics (Bachelor of Science), cum laude, on a full merit scholarship, and earned my Juris Doctorate from the University of North Carolina School of Law, on another merit scholarship. I've helped over 50 applicants successfully get accepted.

​Let's get started so you can maximize your chances of getting into your top choice school!

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