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German B1 - 100% German (with English and German subtitles) Coupon
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[72% Off] German B1 - 100% German (with English and German subtitles) Course Coupon

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German grammar & more! Learn German Language From A Native & Experienced German Teacher

6.0 hr
25$ 89.99$
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Learn German from an experienced German teacher!

The course begins with an introduction to the easier part of German B1 grammar and goes step by step into the subject matter. This course is taught exclusively in German (with English and German subtitles). In addition to the 37 grammar lessons, this course also includes videos on German idioms. Tongue twisters (pronunciation), donkey bridges, how to get rid of learning blocks, German quotes, important links for learning German, dictations, related words and exams.

There is also a question marathon in which you test whether you still have gaps from the previous language levels. In general, this is a very interactive course in which you also learn vocabulary for level B1. At the end of each lesson you will find exercises and their answers.


  • Become competent in German B1 grammar

  • Learn more about German culture through idioms and quotes

  • Receive valuable tips on how to learn German more efficiently

  • Learn the B1 vocabulary

You Will Learn The Following:

Futur I | Modalpartikel | das Wort "nämlich" | als ob | zweiteilige Konnektoren | Genitiv Demonstrativpronomen| Genitiv Possessivartikel | Adjektivdeklination im Genitiv | Genitiv Präpositionen| Konjunktionen | Wortbildung | Adjektivdeklination im Komparativ / Superlativ| Partizip I als Adjektiv | Partizip II als Adjektiv | Präteritum | lokale Präpositionen | N-Deklination | Adjektive als Nomen | das Wort "es"| Infinitivsätze | Plusquamperfekt | indem & sodass | bevor, während, nachdem | Konjunktiv II - Wunschsätze | das Wort "brauchen" | Relativsätze | finale Nebensätze | Relativsätze mit Präpositionen | Passiv mit Präsens mit Modalverben | Vorgangspassiv im Perfekt | Vorgangspassiv im Präteritum


deutsche Redewendungen | wie du Lernblockaden loswerden kannst | deutsche Zitate | Diktate | Prüfungen | Eselsbrücken   Zungenbrecher | verwandte Wörter | wichtige Links, um Deutsch zu lernen | Tipps zum Sprachenlernen I Vorbereitung für den Sprechteil der B1 Prüfung

This course is for all students who are learning German and have already completed language levels A1 and A2.

If you are not familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; here is a brief overview:

A1 - Complete beginner

A2 - Elementary

B1 - Intermediate

B2 - Upper intermediate

C1 - Advanced

C2 - Proficient

I hope you join me inside the course & have you as one of my students.

Join my course now!

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