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Geometric arts- Learn to make flat arts in Adobe illustrator Coupon

[100% Off] Geometric arts- Learn to make flat arts in Adobe illustrator Free Course Coupon

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Adobe Illustrator for All, Anybody & Everyone

2.0 hr
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Using Adobe Illustrator CC, we will be using geometric shapes and tweaking these shapes like rectangle, circle, polygons, stars, and some conventional but intuitive methods and tools in various interesting ways to come up with stunning but simple illustrations you'll love. This course will take you from the basics to a far more comfortable state in using Adobe Illustrator tools.

We will walk through the process of arriving at your final illustrations while having fun and also walk through some errors and how they can be fixed.

If you are passionate about flat arts using geometric shapes and are passionate about intuitive illustration-creative processes, then this course is for you. The course would help you to breakdown everyday objects into their basic shapes/ forms so you can make interesting digital representations of these everyday objects.

The ideas gotten from each of the course modules will make you comfortable in making illustrations when moving or using other illustration software since most of this illustration software have some similar or basic tools implemented in them.

The course assumes you have Illustrator already installed but we will take you through some aspect of the process.

Welcome aboard this long journey and we hope you get excited with each challenge.

It should be noted that more sections will be added as they are being edited.

Color theory is not taught in this class.

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