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GED Math strategies to help you pass the test
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Jillian Smart
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[100% Off] GED Math Review with Jillian Smart Udemy Coupon

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During this course, learners explore strategies to master GED Math. Often, test takers struggle on the math test because they lack strategy or vocabulary. Unless you have an accommodation, you will not have unlimited time to demonstrate mastery. Having teacher-tested and student-approved GED math strategies will help you make the most of the time provided. Plus, vocabulary familiarity improves understanding of what each item asks you to do.

This course is designed to delve deeper into different types of GED Math items: 

  • Basic Math

  • Geometry

  • Basic Algebra

  • Graphs

  • Functions

With guidance and quality tools, you’ll learn how to confidently approach and teach each type of GED Math item. To support this process, you’ll watch GED Math video tutorials, complete self-assessment practice items, and have access to your course instructor as questions arise. Register now to smash GED Math with Jillian Smart.

Instructors: Jillian Smart

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