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GDPR Simplified: Dive in Coupon

[100% Off] GDPR Simplified: Dive in Free Course Coupon

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Part 2: Learn the fundamental requirements of GDPR

3.0 hr
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If you are already familiar with the GDPR, but not too well. If you know what the principles and rights are and want to understand beyond the numbers and names, dive right in into this course.

Psychologically, 'Why' is what drives everything we do - it shapes how we respond to things.  Why did our manager ask to focus on a certain point? Why is such a simple concept too important to ignore? We rack our brains to get it right. Gain insight into why the GDPR principles and rights are set and what they require you to do. Take learnings from the top violations of GDPR. I simplify it all "for" you.

Understand the need for the main constructs of the GDPR – this will impact how well you fare when it comes to the implementation of the GDPR in your organization. Get well versed with the defining concepts of the GDPR, so that you can progress to the Advanced Concepts of the GDPR.

Thoroughly researched content and put in a nutshell just for you. This is amongst the very few visually engaging courses available on GDPR. It contains examples, downloadable resources and quizzes to help you relate to the concepts quickly and retain them.

This course can be taken by anyone with a basic understanding of the GDPR.

Join in today & continue your journey towards succeeding at GDPR.

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