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Fundamentals of Biological Science Coupon
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[25% Off] Fundamentals of Biological Science Course Coupon

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Be a Master in Biology by solving logical MCQs

3.0 hr
15$ 19.99$
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The course is useful in all types of competitive exams.

The Course contains the IMP MCQs from the topics listed as follows...

Practice test 1

MCQ on Water Pollution

MCQ on Solid Waste Management

MCQ on Carbohydrates and Its Metabolism

MCQ on Vitamins

MCQ on Organisms And Populations

MCQ on Body Fluids and Circulation

MCQ on Animal Kingdom

MCQ on Plant Kingdom

MCQ on Biotechnology

MCQ on Genetics

MCQ on Human Health and Disease

MCQ on Reproduction in Flowering Plants

MCQ on Antibiotics

Practice test 2

MCQ on Respiratory System

MCQ on Cell Organelles

MCQ on Health and Hygiene

MCQ on Chromosomes

MCQ on Nutrition in Plants

MCQ on Proteins

MCQ on Diseases

MCQ on Cell Signaling

MCQ on Mollusca

MCQ on Liver

MCQ on Carbon

MCQ on Erythropoietin

MCQ on Infectious Diseases

Practice test 3

MCQ on Fossils

MCQ on Entomology

MCQ on Immunity

MCQ on Air Pollution

MCQ on Components of Food

MCQ on Lysosomes

MCQ on Plant Tissue Culture

MCQ on Histology

MCQ on Anatomy


MCQ on Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance

MCQ on Virus

MCQ on Bioinformatics

Practice test 4

MCQ on Food Microbiology

MCQ on Immunology

MCQ on Carbohydrates

MCQ on Structural Organization in Animals

MCQ on Transport In Plants

MCQ on Reproduction in Organisms

MCQ on Respiration in Plants

MCQ on Principles of Inheritance and Variation

MCQ on Plant Growth and Development

MCQ on Mineral Nutrition

MCQ on Neural Control And Coordination

MCQ on Digestion and Absorption

MCQ on Microbes in Human Welfare

Practice test 5

MCQ on Cell Biology

MCQ on Enhancement of Food Production

MCQ on Biological Classification

MCQ on Reproductive Health

MCQ on Plant Anatomy

MCQ on Animal Morphology

MCQ on Plant Morphology

MCQ on Evolution

MCQ on Morphology of flowering plants

MCQ on Breathing and Exchange Of Gases

MCQ on Cell Cycle and Cell Division

MCQ on Chemical Coordination and Integration

MCQ on Microbiology

Practice test 6

MCQ on Biodiversity and Conservation

MCQ on Molecular Basis of Inheritance

MCQ on Biomolecules Ecology

MCQ on Animal Physiology

MCQ on Living World

MCQ on Human Reproduction

MCQ on Human Physiology

MCQ on Photosynthesis

MCQ on Nitrogen Cycle

MCQ on Molecular


MCQ on Chlorofluorocarbons

MCQ on Vermicomposting

All MCQ's are arranged sequentially with the explanations.

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