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Full Microsoft Word Tutorial - Basic to Advance Coupon
Office Productivity

[25% Off] Full Microsoft Word Tutorial - Basic to Advance Course Coupon

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From beginner to expert

3.0 hr
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If you are a beginner (with zero experience) or someone with some knowledge of using Microsoft word and you want to upscale your skillset and take your document preparation and editing to the next level, then this course is for you.

Hi, I am Dr. Rasheed, a speech and presentation coach, I have used Microsoft Word over the last 20 years to write and edti academic and no-academic reports, journals, articles and have written thesis and dissertations.

By the end of this course, you will learn the following basic skills in Microsoft word:

1. How to open a Microsoft word document from a template

2. How to Change the view options

3. How to change the Page setup

4. How to insert and edit tables

5. How to Add and deal with shapes

6. How to insert SmartArt

7. How to Insert Cover Page

8. How to insert and deal with charts

9. How to Insert header and footer

10. How to write simple and complex equations

11. How to add equation numbers

12. How to generate table of content

13. How to generate list of figures

14. How to generate list of tables

15. How to add multiple columns in an article

16. How to add page numbers

17. How to insert page numbers to start from a specific page

18. How to change page colours

19. How to do find and replace words, symbols and numbers

20. How to use the format painter

21. How to create calenda in word

22. How to insert images and wrap them around texts

23. How to create certificates

24. How to add fonts

25. How to add watermarks

26. How to convert word into web page

27. How to add page borders

28. How to do mail merge

29. How to link excel data with word

30. How to use paragraph and bulleting

31. How to use free MS word online

32. Create a restaurant bill

33. Converting multiple word documents into one

34. How to make circular texts

35. How to recover unsaved documents in Word

36. How to reduce file size

37. How to take screenshots in Word

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