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Frontend system design interview guidance Coupon
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[40% Off] Frontend system design interview guidance Course Coupon

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Duration: 9.0 hours

Prepare for system design round and become a UI architect.

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This course is about what to expect in a Frontend system design round in Big companies and what are the key points interviewers look at when they assess your design skills.

This session is applicable for junior to senior software engineers and those who are looking for a promotion / higher-level role. At some point, you will be assessed for your system design skills. So it is crucial to know what is the acceptance criteria. This will help you prepare better and increase your chances of clearing the round.

Note: This session does NOT cover backend system design. This is frontend UI only.


1. Platform selection.

2. User & data flow.

3. SPA decision.

4. Business vs UI logic.

5. API thought process.

6. Performance tuning techniques.

7. Smooth operation techniques.

8. Versioning artefacts.

9. Governance.

10. i18n, a11y.

11. Quality control techniques

12. Volume of operation.

13. MVP discovery & selection.

14. Real-time data monitoring

15. Future roadmap

We will also look at an exercise for designing a given application.


My name is Manoj Satish Kumar ( MSK )

After attending 30+ interviews and getting selected in 15+ companies, I have got the right data points to guide you in this session. 

I am also an interviewer and I have selected 30+ candidates in my software engineering career.

I have a decade of experience in building professional websites and front-end applications. I have worked both in startups and giant companies. I’m here to help you become a successful front-end web developer and help you crack those front-end interviews. I started out as a software engineer and slowly realized that I have a passion to teach. My mother was a mathematics teacher and I’m following her footsteps - except that I teach web development.

I feel obligated to build front-end interfaces of supreme quality.

I love the javascript ecosystem and I have designed & developed multiple products in my career.

I love talking about Programming, Astrophysics, Art, Space science, Philosophy & Spirituality.

I have the thirst to understand what the universe is made of, the existential reality & the design around us.

I have worked in E-Commerce, Healthcare & Semi-conductor industries.

I have hands-on experience in Javascript, React, Redux, Material UI, Node, Express & GraphQL.

I have travelled to New York, New Jersey, Kansas City, Singapore & Europe.

I'm residing in Bangalore, India

I founded MSK Web development with the goal of helping frontend engineers get jobs.

Warm regards,


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