[100% Off] From 0 to 1: Bond Theory and Valuation Udemy Coupon


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A zoom-in, zoom-out, connect-the-dots take on FCFF models, Dividend discount models, and equity valuation
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Course Instructor:
Loony Corn
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[100% Off] From 0 to 1: Bond Theory and Valuation Udemy Coupon

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Course Description

A zoom-in, zoom-out, connect-the-dots tour of Bond Theory and Valuation

Let’s parse that

  • ‘connect the dots’: Bonds is an relatively safe investments instrument with steady stream of income. The various attributes of bonds can make it conceptually complex – the various bond options just add on to the complexities. This course makes sure the concepts are made crystal clear.
  • ‘zoom in’: Getting the details is very important in bond valuation – All attributes influence each other in some way or the other. This course gets the details right where they are important.
  • ‘zoom out’: Details are important, but not always. This course knows when to switch to the big picture.

What’s Covered:

  • Credits: Explained with example what credit is, why is it needed, the borrowers and the lenders.
  • The issuers of Bond: Why are bonds issued, the credit ratings and their importance
  • Attributes of Bond: Grilling down the Bond Certificate to get to the specifics of bonds: Coupon Rates, Principal, Maturity, Duration.
  • Yield Curve: Explanation of what Yield curve represents, the factors that impact the yield, discounting and Yield computation
  • Bond Risks: Interest rate risks, reinvestment risk, liquidity risk
  • Bond Options: Examples relating to put and call options, interest floor options
  • Duration: Modified Duration, Macauley Duration
  • Convexity: Derivation of Convexity, how it eliminates error margin
Instructors: Loony Corn

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