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French Language Course: Learn French/ Speak it like Natives Coupon
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[57% Off] French Language Course: Learn French/ Speak it like Natives Course Coupon

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Learn French used in Daily life Fast and Easy/ No Bad Accent by a Native Certified Teacher| 20+ years experience

3.0 hr
15$ 34.99$
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Bonjour and welcome to the comprehensive and organized French language course where you will learn how to speak like  French speakers actually speak not just the Formal French taught in schools and by other courses!


After taking this French language course, you will:

  1.        Start to speak French confidently and easily with French speakers from around the world about topics in this French course

  2.       Be able to understand French speakers easily and they will be able to understand you quickly when you speak French about the topics taught in this French language course

  3.       Make sentences on your own in French

  4.      Ways to learn French faster

  5.      You will be able to continue learning more French on your own

  6.       Know the road map that will help you speak French as fast as possible

  • How I will help you achieve the above results:

    1. I will teach you the French that is actually spoken by French speakers not just the Formal French:

    Just like English, in school we learned to say: "I am going to study"

    However, in everyday spoken English, nobody says that. In the US, they say: "I'm gonna study"

    The same thing happens in the French language.

    There are 3 types of French

    •              Le Français Familier:          The French spoken in every day life

    •              Le Français Standard:       The French spoken in formal situations and it is also written

    •              Le Français Soutenu:         The written French used in literature, news, books ...etc

      In order to understand French speakers, French movies, French shows ..etc, you need to learn the French used in every day life which is called: "Le Français Familier".


    Other teachers, apps and courses do not teach you "Le Français Familier" which is the French you actually need to communicate with French speakers.


2.    I will teach you tips and techniques on how to read French which you don't find in many courses:

Compared to English, French pronunciation rules are very consistent. If you know them, you will be able to learn new     words on your own without needing someone to pronounce them for you.

Therefore, you will be able to become fluent quicker than if you need someone to teach you how to say every word you learn. You will save time, energy and money.

Example: If the word in French has a "G" followed by an "e", the "G" will always be pronounced as a soft "G", which is not the case in English where the "Ge" could be pronounced as a soft sound or a hard sound. Soft in "Garage" and hard G in "To get".

3. I will teach you how to construct sentences on your own not just give you sentences to memorize. This way you will improve your French quickly.

4. I will teach you the necessary grammar and conjugation related to phrases and conversation we will learn in this French course so you can apply them as you go and speak French correctly.

No lists of grammar and conjugation to memorize!

5. You will learn tips to help you learn, retain, and use grammar and conjugation. This will help you speak correctly and like natives in addition to making sentences on your own.


  1. I am a native speaker of French

  2. I am a certified teacher

  3. I have been teaching French for 20+ years

    • At the college and high school levels

    • To travelers to France and Francophone countries

    • To government employees and officials working with French speakers or relocating to France or Francophone countries

    • To doctors and health care providers working with French speakers or relocating to France or Francophone countries

    • To students from all walks of life

    • I also help students prepare for French tests and exams such as OPI, DLPT, AP French exams, ... etc

  4. I have taught thousands of students to speak French with French speakers from around the world.

    I know what works and what doesn't.

    These students always say to me:

    "I wish I found you earlier"

  5. My private students are always satisfied:

    Please check out reviews below given by my private students:


    An impeccable tutor

         "Nezha is an impeccable tutor. Her knowledge of French is terrific. She is quite ahead of the established books and    tutorials. Her particular emphasis on pronunciation helped me understand the nuances that I could not find in any other source. She is patient and listens to our feedback and adjusts the tutoring accordingly. I have made considerable progress in 3-4 months since I started. I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants to master French."


          Wonderful Teacher

         I was very thrilled because I can see already that she is very thorough and explains everything extremely well. I am very excited to work with her.



More benefits of taking this specific French language course:

This online French course helps you learn and remember French because it uses:

  • A spiral learning method meaning that you will learn French vocabulary, sentence construction in the French language, French grammar and French conjugation by mastering one topic in French at a time.

       Some French courses teach you a French word and a French phrase here and there which leave you confused on how and when to use them.

        In this French course you will learn everything you need to talk about a certain topic.

  • Colors to help you learn French easily, and retain the information you have learned in this online French course, especially if you are a visual learner. Our brains retain information when it is written in different colors, especially in bright colors or colors you personally like.

  •  Repetition of French words, French phrases, and French rules to help you learn and retain French pronunciation, French vocabulary and French rules, especially if you are an auditory learner. An auditory learner is someone who learns by listening.

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