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Duration: 5.0 hours

Oracle database administration it ishelpful for who want to start career as DBA. run oracle cloud on Linux with hands-on

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  1. Oracle is among the world's most complex and sophisticated databases, and mastering this complex set of computer programs requires many skills. Learning Oracle is only appropriate for experienced professionals with appropriate prerequisite training.I was interviewing a few candidates which had OCP in their resume but even though they had good theoretical knowledge but lack in hands-on. One of the candidate frankly told me that without job how to get hands on. And this course is the answer to his valid question. In this course we will also learn very useful tool which help DBA to identify they issue  and how to escalate issue to Oracle support.

  2. Oracle 12C Architecture internal (Slides)

  3. Oracle 12C Memory Internal (Slides)



Install oracle 18c Demo 

Install Oracle enterprise manager(OEM) in steps Demo

Oracle Migration from Non-RAC to RAC database  Demo

Oracle Database clone in RAC enviroment  Demo

Convert oracle database from windows to Linux Demo

Duplicate Oracle Database using RMAN Demo


Oracle Database 19c installation in Oracle Linux 7

Action Plan:

1.  Preparing the Oracle Linux 7.6 Operating System for Database 19c installation.

2.  Virtual Box Settings for Oracle Linux 7 VM.

3.  Setting the static ip address

4.  kernel parameters configuration

5.  Resource limit configuration and stopping the Firewall

6.  dependencies installation

7.  oracle database installation

8.  Host name configuration for Oracle Linux VM.

9.  Oracle listener configuration after installation.

10.  Starting the Database in SQL Plus

11. Create one Common user called "scott"

12. SQL Developer 19.1 Connectivity with Oracle database 19c

13. Mounting the pluggable database orclpdb and check connectivity on SQL Developer.

14. Access the Oracle Enterprise Manager on host machine browser.

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