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Forex course تعلم تداول العملات الاجنبية الفوركس كورس فوركس Coupon
Finance & Accounting
[100% Off] Forex course تعلم تداول العملات الاجنبية الفوركس كورس فوركس
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Duration: 16.0 hours

كورس فوركس و تعليم تداول العملات الاجنبية الفوركس

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Welcome to Beck in the professional course to trade in the currency market Forex This course is one of the most important courses on the Arab area did not offer a full course and contains the amount of this information and explanation Try to prepare your pens and concentration and summarize what Su learn in this course 

The main arc of the choir 

  • Definition and concept of financial markets
  • I am money markets
  • Forex Trading Legitimacy
  • History and History of Forex
  • Margin and leverage concept 
  • Point concept 
  • Trading Software
  • Explain the MetaTrader program 
  • Technical Analysis
  • Japanese Candles
  • Technical indicators 
  • Basic Analysis
  • Brokerage companies 
  • Tips and Advice
  • How to become a successful trader 
  • References and books worth a gift with a choir 

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