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Forensic Medicine Course Coupon
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[62% Off] Forensic Medicine Course Course Coupon

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Forensic Medicine Course

1.0 hr
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​Forensic investigation and clarification of an incident in the judicial process, the courts may require the expert service to obtain information on technical matters and solve the case. Expertise can be in many different areas. Forensic medicine is one of the most widely known fields of expertise and is the intersection of law and medical practice. Although autopsy comes to mind when it comes to forensic medicine, autopsy is only one of the fields of forensic medicine. However, if all expert services are collected under a large umbrella, we can name this umbrella as “forensic sciences.. Forensic medicine has an important role and function in the working mechanism of forensic science umbrella. It can be described as a device that brings the parts together and ensures harmonious operation.​

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Forensic Medicine Specialist provides expert service to judicial bodies in the medical field. Analyzes the findings and evidence collected from the crime scene, using medical knowledge and methods. It presents the analyzes to be used in judicial bodies.

What Does a Forensic Specialist Do?

What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The general responsibilities of the Forensic Medicine Specialist, who provides medical evidence using scientific techniques, in solving the legal problems of the individual and society are as follows; Conducting crime scene investigation From the scene or persons; collecting and testing blood, hair, urine and tissue samples, performing an autopsy, Performing identification examinations such as DNA analysis, paternity determination, Examining written documents and verifying their authenticity, To conduct criminalistic and ballistic investigations, Ensuring that all laboratory protocols and regulations are followed, Preparing written reports based on evidence analysis, To increase the reliability of forensic analysis results; to enter relevant data into databases, Maintenance and supervision of laboratory equipment, Providing expert advice to judges, prosecutors, lawyers, forensic psychologists and other law enforcement agencies involved in crime investigations, Collaborating with forensic team members and other relevant agencies What Education Is Required To Become A Forensic Specialist? To become a Forensic Specialist; Universities are required to complete six years of medical education. After undergraduate education, it is necessary to take the Medical Specialization Examination and to receive a four-year Forensic Medicine Specialization training. Features that a Forensic Specialist Should Have Demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills, Having the ability to think analytically, Having advanced observation skills and paying attention to details, Have patience and high concentration, To have information about the legal responsibilities of the medical analyzes performed, In problem solving; show a logical, impartial approach, Demonstrate the ability to cope with stressful and emotional situations, Be prone to teamwork Being disciplined

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