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Food Truck Start Up - Step by Step Guide! Coupon

[-100% Off] Food Truck Start Up - Step by Step Guide! Course Coupon

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Seven Steps to Successful Food Truck Business

3.0 hr
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How to start a food truck? - there are many questions spinning in each individual head that I have the answers for in this course from legal point of view to food safety.

How to operate a food truck -  how many hour a week is required to work, how many employees I have to hire? All those answers I have them here.

Those are some of the pain points in which a potential food truck operation is dealing with before even start the food truck. In our days many individual think once they open for a business and "river of money" will flow. The realty is once you are open, you will be working 24/7 on your food truck business. Here is how it goes: if you are not cooking, you are shopping ingredients for your next event. If you are not shopping, you are making phone calls and try to book events. This is how your life will change and you will wish there was an 8th day in the week. This will eventually change and you will find the best way to mange it and hav fun.

Who this course is for:

  • Creative chefs - aspiring  food truck owners

  • New Business Investors

  • Hospitality Graduate Students

  • Marketing professionals

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