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Flashes of Passion: a lifelong love relations manual Coupon
Personal Development

[25% Off] Flashes of Passion: a lifelong love relations manual Course Coupon

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Practical strategy of relationships development for women and couples

3.0 hr
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Learn to build harmonious love union. The course is developed for women and couples, who are aimed to maintain warm an passionate relationships for a lifetime and not to become boring to each other.

Study to stay attractive and desirable for many years.

I will give a structured view of what to do, how to do and how often to do to keep your partner in tonus. Boring relations lead to break up. Avoid it. Natural decrease of sexual attraction leads to betrayal. Don't let it happened.

In my lectures we will speak frankly and honestly, without romantic illusions and stereotypes. And, as you may know, real order of things sometimes not very complimentary for us. Also, we all have delusions and make mistakes. My task here is to teach you to accept your man and your relations objectively, without romantic tales for 5-years old girls. Correct understanding of things will give you a clue for correct behavior. Lucky girl acts correctly by chance. But wise girl acts correctly, because she knows, what to do. Be wise. Get a holistic strategy and treat your partner in a right way systemically.

Have a nice viewing, and I hope my course will be helpful. And probably makes your life little bit more happy.

No sexual content!

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