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Find your Winning Business Idea- Learn from Ubers Pitch Deck Coupon

[83% Off] Find your Winning Business Idea- Learn from Ubers Pitch Deck Course Coupon

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Define and Refine your Business Idea in 60 minutes. Download the Free one page pitch template and follow along!

1.0 hr
15$ 89.99$
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What would our life be like without companies like Uber, Airbnb, LinkedIn,Twitter or YouTube?

  • Facebook started as a way to compare attractiveness between classmates.
  • Twitter started as a website to list and find podcasts.

What to they all have in common?

All of these companies started as a small business and they all had to define the problem they solved, the solution, traction, team etc.

What will you Learn in this Course?

  • Determine a problem worth solving - The villian
  • Define a solution people need - The hero
  • Tell an awesome story
  • Why Now? Demo
  • Market size
  • Traction
  • Competitors
  • Team
  • Ask 

You are going to learn 3 pitches?  What?

  • 30 second pitch - What you say in a room full of people
  • 3 minute pitch - Someone is interested in your company and wants more info
  • Full pitch - Deep dive into your business

Why did I build this course?  

Well, I have been through two business accelerators  and for the last year  I have been sitting in a conference room with 2 other startup founders and we would work on our pitch decks for a couple hours one day a week.  After our meeting we would go out use the pitch decks in front of investors, meetups, pitch competitions, startup weekends, startup incubators, in front of customers, friends and family to large venture funds. You name it and we did it.   We would then come back every week and refine of decks, discuss what worked and what did not and I put it into a course.

Who is the Target Audience? 

  • Anyone that would like to start a business
  • Someone that has an idea and wants to see if it is viable
  • You have a company and or looking to grow and need more funding
  • You want to be your own boss and work for yourself
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