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Financial Statements Analysis: Apple vs Microsoft Coupon
Finance & Accounting

[84% Off] Financial Statements Analysis: Apple vs Microsoft Course Coupon

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Learn how to Analyze and Understand Apple and Microsoft’s key Financial Statement Information

1.5 hr
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What you’ll learn

   • Analysis of Apple & Microsoft’s Financial Statements

   • Understand key Financial Information including Segments Analysis

   • Financial Statement Ratios - Profitability, Valuation, Liquidity & Capital Structure Ratios

What Makes this Course Different?

1) Interesting & fun with ‘Real Life Examples’

    We will analyze the financial information from Apple & Microsoft’s Financial Statements

2) ‘Scorecard Comparison’

    We will maintain a ‘Scorecard’ to compare Apple and Microsoft throughout our Analysis

'3) ‘Gain Insights’

    We will ‘Gain Insights’ into the Financial Performance of Apple versus Microsoft

In this course, we will focus on the following Key Areas:

A) Financial Statement Analysis:

   • Income Statements

   • Balance Sheets

   • Cash Flows

B) Financial Information

   • Excerpts from Apple and Microsoft’s Financial Statements

   • Segments Analysis

C) Financial Statement Ratios:

   • Profitability

   • Valuation

   • Liquidity & Capital Structure

In this course, we will go through the following lectures together:

   • Stock Performance – Apple vs Microsoft

   • Income Statement

   • Trending Analysis – Revenues, Operating Income & Net Income

   • Apple Segments – Product, Service Type

   • Apple Segments – Geographic Regions

   • Microsoft Segments – Product & Service Types

   • Balance Sheet

   • Trending Analysis – Total Assets, Total Liabilities & Total Equity

   • Profitability Ratios - Gross Margin Ratio, Net Profit Margin Ratio, Return on Assets and Return on Equity

   • Valuation Ratios - Price Earnings Ratio, Basic Earnings Per Share (“EPS”) and Diluted EPS

   • Liquidity Ratios & Capital Structure Ratios - Current Ratio, Cash Ratio and Debt to Equity Ratio

   • Cash Flows & Dividend Yield – Operating, Investing & Financing Activities

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