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Financial Crime Essentials - Go Beyond AML! Coupon
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[40% Off] Financial Crime Essentials - Go Beyond AML! Course Coupon

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Learn key topics in Financial Crime - Broaden your knowledge beyond AML

18.0 hr
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The field of financial crime compliance is changing. In today’s environment it is no longer enough for a financial crime or compliance professional to be able to describe money laundering or terrorist financing, they must also have a strong understanding of the potential predicate offences - “the crime behind the crime”.

With this knowledge, investigators are better able to understand the activity they are observing, articulate their findings, and present the final intelligence product to their audience.

This course examines a wide range of financial and white collar crimes, linking these predicate offences to the indicators of money laundering / terrorist financing.


"The course filled several gaps in my understanding of financial crimes and is a great resource for those looking for an introduction to a variety of financial crime topics. The course is well structured, easy to follow, and offers numerous pertinent examples shedding light on financial crimes in Canada and across the globe. The fact these examples cover several decades, illustrates that financial crimes have, and always will be, an issue that law enforcement and financial sectors grapple with."

"I found the course to be very informative. I was impressed with both the quality and quantity of the information, and I learned quite a bit about aspects of financial crime, money laundering, and how it all interacts with technology. My favourite parts of the courses were the times when we got to see news reports and clips from documentaries, as I felt that these segments really helped me to put what we were learning in the context of the real world. The content was so interesting I was actually disappointed when it was over! I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in financial crime.”

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