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Fiber Optics Network Design and Maintenance Coupon

[100% Off] Fiber Optics Network Design and Maintenance Free Course Coupon

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Design and Maintenance

2.0 hr
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Fiber Optic technicians are in high demand right now and bright career in Fiber Optic Network Design and Maintenance is just waiting for you!

Welcome to the exciting colourful world of Fiber Optics!

After successful completion of course students will be able to

  • Use OTDR to locate the fault & measure distances of cables.

  • Use Fusion Splicer to repair the fiber optic links

  • Perform the power budget & Rise time budget for fiber optic link

Check feasibility of system and find maximum data rate supported by fiber optic link

Course is divided in to two modules:

Module 1:

  1. Introduction to Optical Link Design

  2. Power Budgeting Concept

  3. Power Budget case study

  4. Rise time budget Concept

  5. Rise time budget case study

Module 2:

  1. Introduction to Optical Instruments and Maintenance of Optical Link

  2. OTDR Basics

  3. OTDR Demo

  4. Fusion Splicer Basics

  5. Fusion Splicer Demo

Learning Objectives of Module 1 are:

  • Analyze signal distortion between transmitter and receiver in a simple fiber-optic point-to-point link with respect to attenuation and pulse dispersion.

  • Do a qualitative estimation of the maximum transmission distance L at a given signal data rate.

  • Do a quantitative characterization of the signal detection process and definition of the minimal detectable optical power for a particular type of signal distortion with respect to a detection error criterion.

  • Understand optical system components with typical specifications and applications.

Optical fibers are used to transmit information over long distances. Fiber-based systems have largely replaced radio transmitter systems for long-haul data transmission. They are widely used for telephony, Internet traffic, long high-speed local area networks (LANs), cable TV (CATV), and increasingly also for shorter distances within buildings.

The capacity of fibers for data transmission is huge: a single silica fiber can carry hundreds of thousands of telephone channels

Fiber-optic cables are immune to problems that arise with electrical cables, such as ground loops or electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Optical Fiber Networks are the future of today and tomorrow because of mind boggling data rate offered, in this first module of course student will become expert in link design

Learning Objectives of Module 2 are:

  • Study the troubleshooting instruments:

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and

  • Fusion Splicer

  • Analyze and correct the faults in Fiber Optics Networks using OTDR and Fusion Splicer.

    Important instruments in optical link maintenance are discussed in this module with online demonstration, so that students will get the practical experience and learn how to use these  equipment for network maintenance.

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