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Fastest Route From Developer to CTO Coupon
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[25% Off] Fastest Route From Developer to CTO Course Coupon

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The Unicorn CTO

3.0 hr
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This course is centered on the roles and duties of a Chief Technology Officer. A Chief Technology Officer is an expert in a company that handles all the ICT activities. More so, the CTO monitors other departments of the organization to ensure the required growth level is attained. While many are conversant with the Chief Information Officer and their roles in a company, the position of the CTO is growing and expanding with the advancement of technology today.

This course is well-detailed and informative to give the targeted audience balanced information.  Various misconceptions are flying around on the duties of a CTO, which brings us to the topic 'who a CTO is not'. Dig deep to find out about the core values of the Chief Technology Officer.

Like other fields of expertise, the CTO roles have different specialties, and each expert is trained to handle their area well. With these experts, what can new startups do in a bid to reduce cost and diversify? The CTO types all work together to achieve one major aim which is to ensure the company is relevant technologically.

Some companies have chosen to neglect the importance of the CTO due to many reasons. However, the positive impacts outweigh the negative ones and the CTO can fit into different roles aside from the technology field. Many times, other experts, especially developers, have desired to switch to a CTO. How possible is this? The roles of the developer and CTO are quite related, however, the developer needs a deeper understanding of the other duties of the CTO before they can fit in perfectly. According to various research and predictions, the CTO role is gradually expanding and will become very relevant in the near future.

This brief insight has explained all you need to know about the content of the course. To become a good CTO, you need to digest the information of this course and watch how your game will change positively.

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