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Fashion History of Colours! Coupon

[25% Off] Fashion History of Colours! Course Coupon

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Learn about the history of every colour in fashion.

1.0 hr
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Are you interested in learning colour history in fashion? If so, this course is for you!

Welcome to another course of the Fashion 101 Series! My name is Veronika and I'm your instructor.

In this course, I will be teaching you the fashion history of colour. We will look at the history of every colour, each lesson focusing in on a different hue. We will look at its existence in fashion throughout time as well as its influence on fashion today. This course will have many visual examples to help illustrate the colors in fashion throughout history. If you are interested in fashion design or styling, learning about the fashion history of color is SUPER important. It makes one understand how one color trend at a certain time in a certain place has influenced another color trend in a different time and place. It's only because of this understanding of long-term patterns and repetition in trends, that one is able to do a perfect forecast for the next season. The study of the past also helps us to compare as we start recognizing the patterns from the past. It enhances our observation and thinking skills therefore developing your taste for design.

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