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Family Problems - What is the Solution? Coupon
Personal Development

[50% Off] Family Problems - What is the Solution? Course Coupon

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This course examines Family problems and their solutions from a psychological, sociological, and religious perspective.

2.0 hr
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This course examines Family problems from a psychological, sociological, and religious perspective. The lesson is explained very clearly. The course provides comparative analysis and many terms are explained in this lesson. The lesson provides specific and useful information and will not tire you.

Topic headings:

1. Talcott Parsons's sociological theory of Family

- Family functions: Primary Socialization and Personality Stabilization

- What is " imprinting?"

2. The Family model of Islam

- Husband and wife should be each other's psychologist...

- "Your spouses are garment for you as you are for her"...

-  If you decide to divorce, do not take back the gifts you gave to your spouse!

3. The Family model of Islam - Part 2

- Comparison of the verses of the Qur'an with the theses of Kahneman

- A comparative analysis of a verse from the Qur'an with the thesis of modern psychologist Dan Ariely

- Family values ​​in the works of the modern political philosopher Michael Sandel

4. Maslow's Pyramid of Needs and Family

- What is Humanistic Psychology?

- What is Biological Determinism?

- "An ignorant man is one who does not know his worth"...

5. What is "Absent Father" problem?

- Modern philosopher Fukuyama and his approach to absent father problem.

- Modern sociologist David Blankenhorn's view of the absent father problem.

6. What is Feminism and Gender Equality?

- Who is Simone de Beauvoir

- Two types of sex: Physiological sex and Cultural sex.

7. Domestic Violence

- Modern sociologist Antony Giddens: "Family is the most dangerous place in modern society"

- I wonder if love is outdated? Or is modern man still looking for love?

- Feminists have focused on three main topics. What are those?

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