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Express Ideas in English 2 : Improve your speaking more Coupon
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[100% Off] Express Ideas in English 2 : Improve your speaking more Free Course Coupon

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7 weeks video course for intermediate and advanced level English learners. The new ways of learning to speak English.

1.0 hr
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You have studied English for a long time, yet you are still not satisfied with your speaking skills. You have tried many ways and still make same mistakes in expressing your thoughts. You have learnt a bunch of high-level vocabulary, yet you do not know how or when to use it. You can listen and have conversations in English, but you still feel unsure with the construction of your ideas. The thing is, that is totally normal. You just need to engage yourself to another effective method. And we are here to help you with that!

Express Ideas in English is a course that focuses more on the art of spoken language in a deeper level that will boost your English skills. You will learn and understand various real-life topics that will train you to express your opinion, and eventually build confidence when you speak English.

This course is "Express Ideas in English 2" and there is also a course entitled "Express Ideas in English". "Express Ideas in English 2" has more activities and you will be given more support and feedback from the instructor. We believe this course would be more efficient and fun for you. And you will enjoy this course more as much as the previous one we had.

Let’s begin to practice expressing your ideas in English with more creativity and fluency.

In this course, you will:

~ learn to practice speaking English without translating it first

~ learn grammar without memorizing grammar rules like children learn their native languages

~ learn to build a vocabulary that lasts

~ learn to pronounce English words like native speakers

~ learn to speak English fluently, naturally, logically and effortlessly

~ have a lot of chances to express your ideas in English without worrying about grammatical mistakes

~ enjoy activities and assignments like "Shadowing", "Fill in the Blanks Quizzes", "Overlapping", "Making your own sentences" and "Express Your Ideas"

~ find out how enjoyable it is to see and discuss topics with different people all over the world

There are 7 articles in this detailed course. Use them to practice listening, speaking and remembering new words and idioms. Each articles have specific real-life situations or questions that will encourage you to allow yourself express your hidden views and opinion.

This is not a typical English course, you will discover new ways in learning the target language. This course is a training that will lead you to speak naturally and logically.

This course is also perfect for anyone taking an IELTS test, TOEFL test or TOEIC test. Let us take your English to a higher level!

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