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Excel MasterClass 2021 - In 10+ hours from 0 to Hero Coupon
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[70% Off] Excel MasterClass 2021 - In 10+ hours from 0 to Hero Course Coupon

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You will learn everything you need to succeed on University Level!

3.0 hr
15$ 49.99$
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This Excel Masterclass consists all of the information needed to become an intermediate Excel user overnight. You can start with 0 knowledge and the course contains the amount of information that is needed to succeed on University level.

Why this Masterclass?

This masterclass is made to accelerate your career. We show you navigation shortcuts, formatting tips, functions, formulas, charts, graphs, pivot tables and much more! Check out the complete content.

Who should follow this Masterclass?

- Business Professionals

- Finance and Acounting professionals and students

- Entrepreneurs

- Anyone looking to accelerate their career by becoming a financial modeling pro in Excel

- Anyone without any knowledge of Excel who wants to become an intermediate Excel user

Search no longer and sign up for this masterclass, you will be amazed by the skills you obtain after you completed the full Masterclass. You can personally contact the constructor if you have any doubts or questions during the course.

Complete Content: 

1. Fast Navigation

2. Range & Name

3. Formatting Cells

4. Copy & Paste, and freezing of references

5. Conditional Formatting

6. Autofill

7. Changing Column & Row width

8. Graphs

9. Data analysis tool pack, histogram function

10. IF Function

11. Excel Tables

12. Pivot Tables

13. VLOOKUP Function

14. Several Useful Functions

15. Trace Precedents and Trace dependents

16. Data Table

17. Goal Seek

18. Printing of Large Worksheets

19. Bonus Material & Final Tutorial containing a lot of useful practice excercises

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