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[70% Off] Excel Macros Course Coupon

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Everything you need to know to start working with Macros in Excel

3.0 hr
15$ 49.99$
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This course is designed in a way to first explain some basic theory about macros and then to explain and show the most important aspects of Macros in Excel. We will not go into the depths, we will cover only the basic aspects which are needed to start recording, understanding, and editing macros. Right after the explanation, we will work on exciting examples to help you to consolidate newly gained knowledge on practical examples.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Theoretical background about Macros, OOP, and VBA editor

  • Creating Macros using Macro Recorder

  • Creating user forms

  • Binding a Macro to an object

  • Debugging

  • Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon customization

In the beginning lectures of the course, we will cover first some theoretical aspects, because it is very important for you to understand basic terminology and methodology related to macros, VBA, and object-oriented programming. After understanding some basic macro theory, we will then start with macro creation using a macro recorder.

Once when we will have our first macro in place, we will understand the importance of the VBA editor, which is the only way to modify the macro we already recorded. Here I am going to show you how VBA comprised and the basic syntax for writing the VBA code.

Once when we get a bit more proficient in writing VBA code directly in VBA editor, we are going to write a simple program to do different things for us, such as clearing the content of specified ranges, printing active Excel sheet to pdf format, or generating numbers for invoices that we manage in Excel. I believe that this part will be the most interesting one and that we are going to have so much fun in this part of the course!

In each module, you will also receive Excel exercises to follow along with course examples and at the end of each module, you will be given an activity to complete.

At the end of the course, we will summarize what has been covered, work on additional exercises and provide a few review questions for you to answer.

Additionally, at the end of the course, you will get access to Lesson Labs to work independently on different examples. The purpose of lesson labs is for you to consolidate gained knowledge and to try to think outside the familiar area. Some examples in the lesson labs were covered during this course lectures, others were not. Even if solutions for all lesson labs are presented in the file which contains completed lesson labs, I encourage you to try to finish them on your own – even if it contains the additional research.

I look forward to seeing you inside the course.

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