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Excel Charts & Graph Course -Basic to Advanced Visualization Coupon
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[73% Off] Excel Charts & Graph Course -Basic to Advanced Visualization Course Coupon

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Become an Excel Data Visualization Expert and Explore all impressive visualization Techniques in Excel

5.0 hr
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Explore Excel Data Visualization Techniques which can make you a data viz expert. Once you complete this course, I can guarantee that you will not look for other Data Viz tools because everybody these days thinking to buy some advanced tools to create awesome data visualization or creating advanced level charts/graphs. However most of the people are unaware that they can create advanced level charts in Microsoft Excel itself because this is widely used and everybody has access to spreadsheets. Am I right? So lets explore 20+ amazing Excel Data visualization along with 7+ advanced level customization to create awesome effect on your reports. In this course, I am going to talk Why, When, How we should be using Excel Graphs and Charts and need of these by explaining every single details.

Lets explore these Excel Charts and Techniques to create professional reports, dashboards, summary. This course covers:

  • Bar & Column charts

  • Histograms & Pareto charts (Office 365, Excel 2016 or Excel 2019)

  • Line charts & trend lines

  • Area charts

  • Pies & Donuts

  • Scatter plots & Bubble charts

  • Box & Whisker charts (Office 365, Excel 2016 or Excel 2019)

  • Tree Maps & Sunbursts (Office 365, Excel 2016 or Excel 2019)

  • Waterfall & Funnel charts (Office 365, Excel 2016 or Excel 2019)

  • Radar & Stock charts

  • Heat maps, 3-D Surface & contour charts

  • Choropleths & Geospatial maps

  • Custom combo charts & graphs

  • Sparkline

  • And many more...

Once you understand the basic about these given charts, then we will do a deep dive by covering advanced excel data analysis tools. Also explore practice papers to get trained on these visualization. Next Deep dive in this course includes:

  • Customizing Column Charts with Image overlay

  • Updating Charts automatically with Offset and CountA functions

  • Enabling Scroll and Zoom Controls on the Chart to show specific periods

  • Enabling animations on the Chart

  • Usage of various dashboarding tricks i.e. Changing shapes on the chart, using option boxes or checkboxes

  • Categorical Chart Formatting

  • Pivot Charts

  • Pacing and Gauage Chart to show the progress

  • GRID Charts

Whether you are a beginner or expert, you will find amazing tricks which you would not have heard before. I am sure that this journey will be amazing. Lets get started

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