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Stay on the Cutting Edge With This Course and Content

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Etsy Advanced: Fast Track Training

If you're not big enough to compete on Ebay or Amazon where do you go? Sellers are going to Etsy because that's where the passionate buyers are. They're looking for original items that they can't get elsewhere. They want to know that they're getting something from the owner or creator.

You have customers that, lets face it, don't want to be involved in the cut throat marketplaces with "sharks" on the larger platforms. And they also are a little skeptical of social media sites with their promises of super targeted traffic...which rarely brings loyal customers.

So, you're doing the right thing by giving your customers a choice. You can sell on a marketplace and provide things that are for a group of people that are uncomfortable buying from "slick" marketing campaigns. They want to buy from real regular people.

This video training is step by step and over the shoulder and will walk you through start to finish to getting yourself set up on Etsy.

Stay on the Cutting Edge With This Course and Content

When you get a product to use or to sell, you want to sell it not just today, but a month from now...or even years from now. Etsy has made the effort over the years to be there for the newbie as wells as the veteran. They've made a marketplace where both can succeed.

Once you take the course, you'll see that it's something that...although technical is something that you definitely can do. You'll have it demonstrated to you step by step.

All that means for you is that once you get into the course and you see it working, you'll learn to trust and rely on your knowledge. You'll see that you can come up with the knowledge you need when you need it most.

So, it's a way for you to be a steady presence...when everybody is wondering what to do and how to do it. You actually have the answers. In a no-fluff way that respects your time.

20 High Level Step by Step Over the Shoulder Videos...

001 - Overview - Etsy

002 - Opening Your Etsy Account

003 - Updating-Settings

004 - Seller Fees and Other Basics

005 - Opening Your Shop and Starting Your Listing

006 - Item Listing - Part-2

007 - Production Partner

008 - Item Listing - Part 3

009 - Etsy Payment System

010 - Deactivating a Listing - Store Customization

011 - Working with Canva to Create a Store Banner

012 - Creating Our Etsy Cover Photo

013 - Shop Customizations

014 - Editing Shop Policies

015 - Info and Apperance

016 - Edit About Your Shop

017 - Etsy Account Options

018 - Shipping Policies

019 - Sell With Square In Person

020 - Conclusion


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