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Essential Remote/Hybrid Training for Managers of All Levels Coupon

[40% Off] Essential Remote/Hybrid Training for Managers of All Levels Course Coupon

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Learn tons of remote and hybrid management hacks teams can enact today. High value. Quick. Direct. Easy to implement.

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Rapid fire remote and hybrid leadership tips and tricks that yield actionable strategies. This course will teach how to shift to a results focused environment, hack through inefficient meetings, leverage productivity tools, and create systems that can help your team improve over time.

Learn how to create psychological safety with teammates and teach your team to effectively manage up. Plus, these are skills that you can apply with your boss and your boss’s boss as you develop as a leader.

After watching this short course, managers will have the tools to transform their teams into a cohesive and productive business unit that thrives in a remote or hybrid environment. Maybe the most important aspect of this course is it focuses on the employee experience. Which is why implementing the techniques described in the course will improve the relationship employees have to their workplace and employer.

Regardless of your career level, this course has something to offer all managers looking to improve their remote or hybrid teams. Plus it’s short, direct, and teaches actionable techniques quickly!

The author, Mike Gutman, is a remote work expert, keynote speaker, LinkedIn Learning author, and remote work consultant. He teaches leadership teams about informing remote and hybrid policy and strategy. His course will guide leaders towards an effective, equitable and most importantly, flexible remote and hybrid work management style.

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