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English Grammar Practice Beginner Level (with workbook) Coupon
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[35% Off] English Grammar Practice Beginner Level (with workbook) Course Coupon

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CEFR A1 and A2 Grammar

4.5 hr
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It is not enough to simply memorize the rules of grammar. In order to fully understand and master grammar, the rules need to be applied in a meaningful way. The English Grammar Practice Beginner Level course is accompanied by a 100 page Ebook provides full of exercises to help you master your understanding of English grammar at the beginner level. The course is ideal for English language learners who want to solidify their understanding of English grammar at the CEFR A1 and A2 level.  The videos will guide you through all the grammar explanations and answers will be provided to all the exercises. By taking this course, you will not only master your understanding of beginner level grammar, but also improve your reading, writing, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills.

Below is the table of contents for the workbook which is provided as a PDF ebook. Explanations and answer keys will be provided in the videos. It is recommended that the student complete the workbook exercises before viewing the answers in the videos.

Unit 1: Present time

1.1 Present time with adverbs of frequency

1.2 Present tense with Am/Is/Are

1.3 Present tense in S+V sentences

1.4 Present tense in S+V+O  sentences

1.5 Present Continuous (-ing verbs)

1.6 Spelling rules of –ing forms

1.7 Contracted forms of present tense

Unit 2: Pronouns: it/ this/ that / these/ those

2.1 It

2.2 Demonstrative pronouns – this/these/that/those

Unit 3: Past time

3.1 Past tense with –ed

3.2 Simple past with verb be

3.3 Past continuous (past progressive)

3.4 Spelling rules of -ed forms

3.5 Past tense with irregular verbs

Unit 4: Punctuation

4.1 Capitalization

4.2 Full stop / Period (.)

Unit 5: Gender

5.1 Methods to distinguish feminine nouns from masculine nouns

Unit 6: Question words

6.1 WH question structure

Unit 7: Vowels and consonants

7.1 Vowels and consonants with a/an

Unit 8: An imperative sentence

Unit 9: A/an vs. the

9.1 Use of each article

Unit 10: Some/any

Unit 11: A lot of/many/much/(a) little/(a)few

Unit 12: Prepositions (place/time)

12.1 Prepositions of time

12.2 Reading dates

12.3 Prepositions of place

Unit 13: Compound nouns

13.1 Plural forms of compound nouns

Unit 14: Indefinite pronouns

Unit 15: Conjunctions (and/but/or/because/so)

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