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Email Writing Coupon
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[76% Off] Email Writing Course Coupon

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Email writing - Format and Examples

1.0 hr
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In this course, we will discuss :

1. What is the meaning of Email

2. What are the three methods of communication

3. Email is only one of the ways of written communication. Discuss.

4. Why email is preferred over letters as a means of communication?

5.  What are the various types of email?

6. What are the advantages of email?

7. DO’s and Don’ts in email writing or Tips for writing email

8. Understanding the format of email in detail

9. What is the meaning of “Cc” and “Bcc” in email?

10. The body of the email is usually divided into three sub categories. What are those?

11. Whether we have to mention “date” while writing the email?

12. In how many days does an email take to reach a person living in another country?

13. Understanding Formal/Informal/Semi-formal emails by way of examples-

i) Write an email to place an order for the purchase of stationery items for your organization. (formal email)

ii) Write an email to Education Minister inviting him as Chief Guest on school Annual Sports Day. (formal email)

iii) Draft an email to your friend inviting him to the birthday party of your brother. (informal email)

iv) Draft an email to your friend accepting his invitation to attend his birthday party. (informal email)

v) Draft an email to your friend refusing his invitation to attend his birthday party. (informal email)

vi) Draft an email to your landlord for the repair of the roof of your room. (semi-formal email)

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