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Duration: 3.0 hours

Your complete guide in induction motors and generators with complete MATLAB simulations of induction machines

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                    ______ Update ______ 6/2/2022

Two new sections were added (Tests on Induction Motors) and (Induction Generators)


                   ______ Update ______ 5/3/2022

Three new sections were added (MATLAB Simulations of 3-ph Induction Motors), (MATLAB Simulations of Induction Motors Tests), and (MATLAB Simulations of Induction Generators).


This course introduces a complete guide of induction machines including 3-phase and 1-phase induction motors, and also induction generators

The course will go into detail for the following key topics :-

  • Show a detailed construction of induction motors

  • See how the three-phase induction motor operates and rotates

  • See how we can obtain the equivalent circuit of the motor

  • Learn how the electrical power is converted to the output mechanical power through the power flow diagram

  • Get a full understanding of the torque-speed characteristics 

  • Learn the different starting methods of induction motors ( operation , implementation , pros , cons and also applications )

  • Learn implementation of DOL starter in industry

  • Implementation of Star/Delta starter

  • Learn Auto-Transformer starting technique

  • Learn Soft starter starting method

  • Rotor resistance starter operation and implementation

  • Learn how to select the suitable starting method for any motor

  • Learn different methods to control speed of the induction motor ( operation , implementation , pros , cons and also applications )

  • Stator voltage speed control

  • Supply frequency speed control

  • V/F speed control

  • Realize what is Variable Frequency Drive ( VFD)

  • Understand how variable frequency drive works

  • Rotor resistance speed control

  • understand The concept of slip energy recovery

  • See the construction and operation of single phase induction motors

  • Understand why single phase induction motor isn't self starting

  • Understand different starting methods

  • Split phase induction motor

  • Capacitor start induction motor

  • capacitor run induction motor

  • capacitor start - capacitor run motor

  • Comparison between different types of 1-phase induction motors

  • Learn different types of single phase induction motors

  • operation of induction generators

  • How grid connected induction generator works?

  • How self excited induction generator works?

  • Operation of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)

  • Complete MATLAB simulations of induction motors

  • Speed control methods in MATLAB/Simulink

  • Starting methods in MATLAB/Simulink

  • Complete MATLAB simulations of induction generators

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