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Duration: 1.5 hours

Understand the electric vehicles by reverse engineering & deconstruct the concepts to go from Zero to Hero.

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Course Contents:

  1. About the course

  2. Introduction

  3. Electric vs Petrol vehicle

  4. Electric vs Hybrid vehicle

  5. Components of hybrid vehicle

  6. Different types of hybrid systems

  7. Different scenarios of hybrid vehicles

  8. Toyota Hybrid System (THS)

  9. Motor vs Generator

  10. Generative Braking

  11. Battery Management System

  12. FAQs

As per the report, Electric Vehicle Industries will be requiring more than 5 Million engineers in the coming 5 years. This course will help you to understand the concepts and every part of an electric vehicle from scratch. This course will help you to gain knowledge, upskill and to get exposure to new technologies. A comprehensive certification program on Hybrid Electric Vehicle and best suited for beginners.

This course is for:

Students pursuing mechanical engineering, automobile engineering.

People who wants to get in Electric vehicle field and wants to specialise in one domain.

People who wants to learn about new and modern technologies.

After the course:

  1. You will have a thorough knowledge of Hybrid electric vehicles.

  2. You can specialize in any one domain and gain complete in-depth knowledge of it.

  3. You are exposed to the modern trends, new technologies and standard practices followed in the industry right now.

  4. You will get to know about the components of Electric/hybrid vehicle and their workings.

Enrol in the course to learn about electric/hybrid vehicles to stand out in your career.

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