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Economics simplified, current and relevant Coupon
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[47% Off] Economics simplified, current and relevant Course Coupon

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Learn Economics without realising!

5.0 hr
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This course - made in July - uses the European Championships (football) as a means of - easily - learning Economics. The following topics are covered:

  • Spreading the benefits and costs - games are played in different cities

  • Poland - infrastructure investment boosted the economy

  • UEFA - gain despite COVID

  • Euro 2016 - impact on French economy

  • Euro 2020 (2021) - impact on cities

  • Takeaways - staying at home, watching football...and eating

  • England – lose: impact on the economy

  • England – win!! : impact on the economy

  • Economic growth – predictions made based on...

  • Football results – predictions made based on...

This course is pitched at students who have not formally studied Economics but would like to learn more through assimilating it i.e. not actually studying but just 'picking it up as they go along'. If that is you then this Economics course is ideal!

That is because:

1. The lectures are very very current (July 2021)

2. Assume no prior Economics knowledge

3. Encourage you - the student - to post in discussions

4. Some homework is set (for discussion)


When the European Championship is finished and the economic impact is assessed, lectures will be added.


There are two other sections to this course:

a. The microeconomic impact of football

b. Using one newspaper - in real time - it is explained how, just through reading the news, a vast amount of 'economics' can be learned.

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