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Easy Sewing Kit: Learn To Cut And Sew A Lined Corset Coupon

[82% Off] Easy Sewing Kit: Learn To Cut And Sew A Lined Corset Course Coupon

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Grow your sewing skills and make a beautiful lined corset

3.0 hr
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"A corset is a beautiful addition to any sewing portfolio." The corset creates a perfect shape that works with any outfit, however sewing a corset requires key sewing skills that can't be overlooked.

In this Easy Sewing Kit on Learning To Cut and Sew A Lined Corset, you will learn both the important skills of sewing, cutting and design as well as understanding the corset garment and how it's fit accomplishes a beautiful shape.

In this course, you will learn every aspect of sewing a proper corset from a simple corset pattern to final piece. We start with accurately placing your corset bodice pattern to your fabric for cut out, adding all necessary allowances, and labeling the different sides cups. We then duplicate the material to produce a comfortable lining. We notch and prepare the fabric for aligning when sewing. We finally assemble the cups and the piece, sew in the lining for a finished corset.

After this class, you will have learn important fundamentals of sewing hands with the corset that you can apply to your next design piece.

What you learn:

  • How to transfer your corset drafting paper pattern to your fabric and your lining, adding your gum stays

  • How notch all necessary points

  • how to cut out fabric neatly and with proper allowance

  • how to stitch all corset panels and busts

  • how to develop and attach the lining

  • how to flip the fabric after sewing on the internal side

  • how to add zip to the finished piece

Sewing a corset is one the joys of a new designer, where they can both learn about fashion and be ready to create a beautiful shaped work. This Easy Sewing Kit is the tool to help every designer achieve that goal.

If you're ready to perfect your sewing skills and make a beautifully shaping corset, then see you in my course!

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