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Easiest Side Hustle 2023: Earn CASH from User Testing Coupon

[-0% Off] Easiest Side Hustle 2023: Earn CASH from User Testing Course Coupon

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Hop into the easiest, CHEAPEST and stress free side hustle that will earn you PASSIVE INCOME

3.0 hr
20$ 19.99$
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I created this course for some people in the world today who find it very difficult to make ends meet, sometimes people

come across different passive income businesses they think they can start but, don't have the finances to start such businesses.

Even the easiest passive income stream that one can start with $50.

In this course, you can at least make your first income with no money at all from scratch and start making money

from other passive income like drop shipping, drop servicing, Amazon FBA, Amazon KDP, etc.

This course will help you to pivot from a total nobody to somebody from which you can start making millions after you pivot from user testing to other streams of passive income. It is going to be comprehensive for you to start making money from Home or anywhere you are in the world.

Let me introduce you to The User testing SIDE HUSTLE.

In this comprehensive course, you will obtain the knowledge and EVERY possible tool and resource needed to become a successful User tester. Are common pitfalls to avoid when testing a platform I will show you. The possible outcome you will face.

I will demonstrate a real demo on how to pass your practice test to get approved.

EVEN MORE, content not found anywhere else!

User testing is straightforward, and you can do it from anywhere. You only need to allocate 3 or more hours a day.

Read just a few of these testimonials for people who have made it from this hustle.

100% it is, I signed up around a month ago, and initially, I had one test which took around 19 days to be rated,

last Wednesday I received an email saying they had responded to my first test and now I get between 10–15 opportunities per day but I seem to be accepted for about 3 or 4 making me an easy $30 or $40 per day. Granted it's easier for me as

I work from home anyway so can leave the page open and do them as they come in, alongside my regular work so it's a win-win, but I also have the app installed on my phone so I'm able to do the mobile ones as well as the different test to those on desktop.

I have made a total of $110 since the last Wednesday. Baring in mind they pay out exactly a week after you complete the test to the minute.


It's quite difficult to give you a per day earning estimate on this kind of website.

As they vary a lot, based on a lot of platforms.

But just to give you an idea, For the past few months, I am earning around $300-$450 per month from user-testing

So on a daily average, it becomes $10-$11.

And, let me tell you, I check UserTesting | Customer Experience & UX Research Platform only in my spare time.

That means when I am not in my office or not involved in any family activity. So I feel if I spend more time on this,

I may earn more. Also, I maintain a rating of 4.8 to 4.9 on average, which is very good.


It’s definitely a good side hustle to have. If I remember correctly, User-testing pays you $10 to $60 per website you test,

but you can only take two gigs per week. Meaning the most you can make is $120 per week, depending on the gig you take.

In total, that’s about $480 a month and isn’t nearly eno...

"Steve Horne"

I hope to see you on this amazing course.

Good luck as you take a bold step toward the opportunity of earning your first passive income.

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