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This practice test will help you to prepare for the DCPP exam conducted by DSCI.

The questions given here are prepared based on the latest syllabus of the DSCI.

I have prepared these practice questions during my preparation for the exam. This set helped me to clear exams.

This course is for

Privacy Security & IT Professionals

Information System & Security Auditors

Compliance Officers

Risk Professionals

Rapid emergence of disruptive technologies & digitization of services & transactions is exercising great influence on the functioning of the economy and society. This rapid change and dependence on data to drive businesses and innovation has raised potential threats and risks to privacy of individuals, which nations have sought to tackle through imposition of regulatory requirements, obligations and liabilities to make enterprises accountable.

Compliance with these regulations becomes a major challenge faced by organisations, right from the stage of identification of the regulations that they are subject to by virtue of the nature of data they are dealing and the scope of application of these laws, for instance dealing with HIPAA compliance, or dealing with the effects of extra territorial application of legislations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).To manage privacy challenges and risks, there’s a real need for professionals who know the issues and impacts of data privacy.

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