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The Complete Black and White Fine Art Photography Techniques with Photoshop Course
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Kasia Zmokla
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[100% Off] Dramatic Black and White Photography in the Digital Age Udemy Coupon

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Black and white photography is an art — not just a click of a button that changes a colour image to monochrome. The creative process is a fun and exciting journey that this course, “Dramatic Black & White Photography in the Digital Age,” helps you confidently and efficiently create cinematic, timeless images. Packed with high quality, downloadable supporting materials (14 high resolution TIFF files), this hands-on tutorial provides you with step-by-step edits necessary for you to work effectively, in a non-destructive way, make intelligent creative decisions and get the artistic and dramatic black & white results you desire.

Sharpen Your Skills

  • Simple Monochrome Conversion

Get results fast working with simple “one step” methods of black & white conversion such as Desaturate, Hue/Saturation and Grayscale.

  • RGB Model & Photoshop Channels

You’ll learn how to evaluate your images with dedicated Photoshop tools. And you’ll also develop a deep understanding of RGB color mode, its relation to photographic filters and how to use sophisticated methods to perform stunning black & white conversions.

  • Advanced Black & White Conversion

Explore the range of advanced black & white conversion methods: LAB Color, Hue/Saturation with Adjustment Layer, Twin Hue/Saturation Method, Gradient Map, Channel Mixer, Black & White tool and Adobe Camera RAW Plugin.

  • Master Black & White Artwork

Discover the most important components of powerful monochrome artwork: tonal separation between key elements in your image and strong contrast and wide tonal range, including rich shadow and highlight detail.

  • The Histogram & Levels Tools

Learn how to extend tonal range in your images with the Levels tool. Reference the luminosity adjustments with the Histogram to avoid clipping shadows or highlights in your photos.

  • Non-Destructive Workflow

You’ll explore combining masks and adjustment layers to achieve your creative vision and maintain great flexibility. Together we’ll create alternative versions of one photo in no time. This also allows you to revisit your artwork in the future and bring new ideas to life with just a few easy adjustments.

Instructors: Kasia Zmokla

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