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Django Full Stack Developer Masterclass Coupon

[100% Off] Django Full Stack Developer Masterclass Free Course Coupon

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Learn how to build web applications and websites using the Python and Django frameworks

16.5 hr
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Welcome to the Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Masterclass!

Step right into the world of the Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Masterclass! Imagine going on a journey where you learn to build cool websites using Python, Django, and other web stuff!

If you're thinking about a new job, and want to learn more,  this is the perfect course for you!

We're going to teach you the newest things for making awesome web apps with Python 3 and Django. But it's not just that, you'll also learn about things like HTML, CSS, and Javascript that you need to make the front part of websites. This course is like a toolkit that has everything you need. Whenever you're starting your adventure as a web developer, you can come back here for answers.

To be really good at making websites, you need to know how to write code for the web. And guess what? This course is all about teaching you just that.

In this course, Ammar Siddique(myself) will show you how to make real web apps using the Python Django Framework. Imagine a framework like a recipe for making websites, and Django is like the best recipe you can find.

This course is super big, almost 16+ hours, and we're always adding new stuff to it.

Here's just a tiny peek at what's in this course:

  • HTML5: Making web pages look good.

  • CSS3: Styling those pages to make them cool.

  • Javascript: Adding interactive stuff to websites.

  • jQuery: Making things even more interactive.

  • Bootstrap 3 and 4: Tools for making things look nice.

  • Document Object Model: How web pages are structured.

  • Python: The language we'll use.

  • Django Basics: Learning the foundation of making web apps.

  • Django Templates: Making your web app look good.

  • Django Forms: Making forms for users to fill out.

  • Django Admin Customization: Making a special dashboard.

  • ORM: A way to talk to databases.

  • Class Based Views: A smart way to show your web app.

  • REST APIs: A fancy way for apps to talk to each other.

  • User Authentication: Keeping things safe.

  • And much, much more!

When you finish this course, you'll know Django so well that you can apply for jobs where you make Django web apps.

This is a really big course, but we make learning Django easy and fun.

So come on in and start the adventure! I'll be here with you as you learn. Let's go!

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