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[-325% Off] Disseminating Research Findings Course Coupon

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How to Increase the Impact of your Publications

1.5 hr
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Many researchers, especially those in the early stages of their careers, are not fully aware of how to make their work known to a broad audience of peers and also beyond academia. In other words, how do you disseminate your research findings? How do you reach stakeholders such as policymakers, journalists, leaders of non-governmental organisations, and opinion-makers, among many others? Which communication strategy can you adopt? How can you develop an effective and affordable dissemination plan and monitor its efficacy over time?

Well, in this course I want to share my successful experience in disseminating research findings among a wide audience and help you achieve the goal of turning your work known by people who really matter to you.

You will learn, for example, how to identify the stakeholders who should know about your research findings and that can also benefit from them, how to maximise the results of your dissemination strategy, how to design a strong dissemination plan, and how to monitor if you are achieving your communication goals, and much more.

In the current context where we are surrounded by an array of digital technology resources, there are plenty you can achieve and manage to fit your actions either on tight budgets or even for free. So, do not miss the opportunity to learn everything you can to make your work known to as many people as possible.

Foster engagement with your research results and create a real impact today.

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